Study Visit, Training event & Project Management meeting at DTU and Lund University

Study visit and meeting at Technical University of Denmark took place from 26th to 27th of June, 2017.

During the first day, after the registration of participants, Head of the MiB education Lars Schiøtt Sørensen welcomed all participants. Opening remarks were followed by short overview of activities that have been carried out so far.

The morning sessions also included presentation by representative of the University of Novi Sad on Potential joint DRM&FSE Master Programme subjects: Risk Analysis in Decision-making Process & Economic/Financial Resilience to Hazards.

In the afternoon, participants had opportunity to visit several university laboratories: Material Lab and Fire Lab.

For the second day WBC partners have prepared detailed presentation of plans and syllabi drafts for modernized or developed DRM&FSE Master Programme curricula, which was followed by discussion. Besides, participants were introduced to building information modelling (BIM) at DTU and they visited BIM Lab. In the end of second day, representative of UDTU Learning Lab held a presentation on DTU pedagogical training for MSc teachers, while Fire Lab representative demonstrated use of the lab equipment for MSc projects.

Study visit and meeting at Lund University took place from 28th to 29th of June, 2017.

The first day of event began with welcome note and introduction of University’s Division of Fire Safety Engineering and Division of Risk Management and Societal Safety. After that, an overview and main conclusions on Assessment of EU trends and comparison of PhD models and curricula in DRM&FSE field in EU were given. The morning sessions also included presentation on the student perspective on LU PhD education, as well as presentation from University pedagogic unit.

In the afternoon, participants visited The Fire Laboratory facilities.

The second day was dedicated to Development of PhD curriculum at the University of Novi Sad and analysis of WB teaching staff resources for DRM&FSE Master and PhD study programs. During this day, participants also had opportunity to visit The Virtual Reality Laboratory facilities.

In the end, action plan for the next period was discussed.

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Presentation of DRM&FSE MPS curricula model

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

University of Novi Sad (UNS)

Lund University (LUND)