1st International Symposium S-FORCE 2018 and EYP Workshop – Novi Sad, September 28th - 29th

University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences from Novi Sad, in cooperation with Higher Education Technical School of Professional Studies in Novi Sad, National Fire Protection Association and European Youth Parliament, organized first international symposium Students For Resilient soCiEty - S-FORCE 2018, within Erasmus + K-FORCE project. The symposium was held on 28th – 29th September, 2018 at the University of Novi Sad and Higher Education Technical School of Professional Studies in Novi Sad.

1st part of the Symposium was reserved for presentation of students’ papers. This part of symposium was a forum for PhD students and master students; to have an opportunity to present the results of their scientific research.

The Symposium provides an opportunity to students of PhD studies to get acquainted with the research methods and the system of education of different countries and universities. Students from all HEIs took part in the Symposium. Each WBC HEI was represented by four master students, and also PhD students presented their research work in Disaster Risk Management and Fire Safety field. Programme countries HEIs also presented the on-going research done by master and PhD students. All the papers were supervised by professors and peer-reviewed by Symposium editorial board.   

The contribution was made by over 80 authors and co-authors from 8 countries, namely: Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, and Serbia. In total, 37 papers were presented at the Symposium, among them 6 keynote lectures.

We would like to conclude that the Symposium was very successful regarding quality of papers and discussion. Significant effort to improve education, profession, science and practice in the field of Disaster Risk Management and Fire Safety Engineering has been made.  

2nd part of Symposium was in line with the methodology of European Youth Parliament: EYP-workshop was organized at Higher Education Technical School of Professional Studies premises. All students from WBC - participants of the Symposium are appointed a working group – Committee. Each committee has its facilitator (EYP) and journalist which organize and follow the work of each Committee. A Committee is also given its own topic, which is in direct relation to the K-FORCE project theme.

The selected EYP WORKSHOP topics were:


The workshop consists of three major parts, first of which is Teambuilding, first done with all the participants and then further in Committees. Teambuilding represents a series of exercises aimed at establishing a positive working environment and good communication inside the Committees. The second part is Committee Work, during which the participants are tasked with creating a resolution to the topic at hand. This is done by analysing, discussing and formulating the problems and solutions to the topic, whilst consulting experts in the field. At the end of Committee Work, these problems and solutions are drafted, in the form of resolutions submitted in the European Parliament, to form a Resolution Booklet of the Conference. All of the resolutions from the Booklet are then individually debated on, attacked, defended and finally voted on by all the participants during the General Assembly, the third and final part of the working day. The aim of the General Assembly is to replicate the working procedures of the European Parliament.

Additionally, the event combines an unrivalled educational conference and presentation of newly establish Study Programs in the field of Disaster Risk Management and fire Safety. There is opportunity for students and teaching staff to speak with experts; find solutions to technical challenges and stay current with technological advances in the field. Experts and professionals will expose their papers on thematic what knowledge is necessary for building resilient society. All HEI Partners participated with their presentations and lectures and consultations.

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