UNS monitoring visits to project partners

  1. Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje and Protection and Rescue Directorate of Macedonia – Vlastimir Radonjanin, Mirjana Malešev and Mirjana  Laban, 1-4.10.2019.
  2. Technical University of Denmark and Lund University - Olivera Bukvić, 08-15.01.2020.
  3. Aalborg University - Mirjana Laban, 19-23.01.2020.
  4. University of Banja Luka - Dragana Dvizac and Olivera Bukvić, 04-07.03.2020.
  5. University of Žilina – Dragana Dvizac and Vladimir Todorović, 13-14.03.2020.

Activities performed during monitoring visits included monitoring of financial and administrative documentation as well as project quality and management related meetings.