Invited lectures in the field "Disaster Risk Management" - Community based climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction

Within the Erasmus+ project K-FORCE (Knowledge for Resilient SoCiEty) at the Faculty of  Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Banja Luka on November 27th, 2018, invited lectures were held in the field of "Disaster Risk Management". 

Lama Phu Doma, a lecturer from Lund University, Sweden, held a lecture on the topic “Community based climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction”. The topic dealt with community participation, disaster risk reduction (DRR) and community climate adaptation (CCA), needs and characteristics of community-based adaption, and its advantages and challenges.

The lecture was attended by the students and teaching staff of the study program Civil Engineering -module ”Disaster Risk Management” and also students of other modules of Civil Engineering, as well as students of Architecture.

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