Collaborations, Open Lectures and Sustainability in the framework of the K-Force Project at University of Tirana

In the framework of K-Force project, University of Tirana has broaden the collaboration with partner institutions in the field of Disaster Risk Management. As part of the cooperation, invited lecturers from these institutions held presentations for the students of Master of Science in Risk Management at Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana.

The lectures were held during the second semester of the academic year 2018-2019, in the framework of the course Disaster Risk Management, conceived and developed within the master program Master of Science in Risk Management. These collaboration have led to discussions for the improvement of future development of the course and the master program as a whole, attendance and support from important institutions of project activities and dissemination of project results with important stakeholders related to the field of Disaster Risk Management.

Under the sustainability goals of the project, strong collaboration have been achieved with representatives of the UNDP Climate Change Program in Albania, GIZ Albania, Ministry of Defense, Agency for Territory Planning in Albania, Brigaid Project, and Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority.

Joint collaboration have been supported by the organization of several open lecturers with each institution’s representative. More details on organized activities are shown next:

Title of activity Topic Date Presenter Affiliation Link to the announcement
Workshop “Strategic analysis of the macro-and micro-environment for innovative solutions to climate change adaptation” 18/02/2019 Msc. Gerardo Anzaldua Expert, Ecologic Institute, Berlin, Germany. Expert Brigaid project
Open Lecture Recent findings of global scientific community on climate change; situation in Albania 18/04/2019 Msc. Mirela Kamberi Team Leader and Project Coordinator, UNDP Climate Change Program
Workshop Risk and Vulnerability in case of Flooding in Albania 2/05/2019 MSc. Eduart Cani National Coordinator, GIZ Albania
Open Lecture System of civil protection in Albania, management of risks and disasters  16/05/2019 Mr. Maksimiljan DHIMA Director of Planning and Coordination of Civil Emergencies at the Ministry of Defence
Open Lecture Management of Weather related Disasters 26/05/2019 Prof. Dr. Eglantina Bruci, Expert, UNDP Climate Change Program
Master Course Probability in Risk Management April-June 2019 Dr. Aranit Muja Employee at the Albanian Financial Authority