Protection and Rescue Directorate of Macedonia - PRDM ( is independent governmental organization since 2005. Previously, it was part of Ministry of Defence (Civil Protection Sector). All other WB public services are still parts of Ministries for Internal or Security. The transfer of their transition experience will contribute to defining WB needs in learning outcomes and qualifications of new DRM&FSE students. The Directorate is consisted of one central office located in Skopje, of 4 sections with 11 departments, 4 independent departments and 35 regional departments for protection and rescue, covering the overall territory of the state. From 2010 one new Department for special aerial fire fighting services has been established.

PRDM is the national disaster management authority with responsibility in prevention, preparedness, response and early recovery. The essence of the system for rescue and protection is represented with the measures, units and headquarters for rescue and protection. PRDM units according to the Law on rescue and protection can be national and local. In the national rescue and protection units we have the employees of the PRDM, members of the Fast response teams and the 14 biggest fire fighting stations in the country. In real time situation they can all be activated by decision of the Director of the PRD which is commandeer of the National HQ for rescue and protection. PRDM units can be also used for international disaster management operations.

Since 2012 Republic of Macedonia via PRDM is member country of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism. It is a platform that unites EU member states, EEA countries, EU candidate countries and potential candidates in their efforts for enhancing disaster management in general on EU and national level. International organizations such as the United Nations, the EU and NATO have set the standard for cooperation between countries in the area of protection and rescue from natural and other disasters. Protection and Rescue Directorate is actively involved in the work of these organizations by participating in conferences, seminars Courses and exercises.