K-FORCE Project management meeting in Tirana, Albania

The partners from Albania, University of Tirana (UT) and Epoka University respectively, hosted the two-day event of the Erasmus + project “Knowledge FOr Resilient soCiEty”- K-FORCE. The 1st Day - February 23rd was hosted by the Department of Finance, University of Tirana and the 2nd Day - February 24th was hosted by Epoka University.

During the first day, participating partners presented their preliminary results of the given tasks for the K-FORCE project implementation. The main research within the project was introduced in the form of short work package presentation reports such as:

  • Report on task 1.1. related to current DRM&FSE Master Programs in EU &WBC;
  • Analysis of needs on establishing master (or module) program in the Western Balkan countries (Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania) and their respective learning outcomes;
  • Discussions on the modalities of using ICT for e-learning (flexible ICT learning platform, e-Library, Software, learning material, Procedures and action steps for selecting the materials for e-Library).

The participants especially emphasized market needs in relation to the creation of formal study programs in the WBC in the field of DRM&FSE. For this purpose the first draft questionnaires for youth and LLL were presented and discussed among the participants. At the end of the meeting, a timeframe, expectations and content for upcoming K-FORCE events in 2017 was discussed. After the meeting, a tour at the city of Durres was organized by hosts (UT & Epoka University), continuing with a Joint Social Dinner – in the city of Durrës.

During the second day, participating partners presented some important documents which have been prepared during the previous period by the project teams, in relation to WP 7, 8 and 9. These documents include the Dissemination Plan, Quality Plan, Risk Plan of the project, and are essential in this first months of the project for the continuation of all other phases.

In addition, the meeting continued with presentation of Western Balkan countries (WBC) National Qualification Frameworks, compared to European Qualification Framework (EQF) and Presentation of WBC accreditation rules. Representatives of WBC HEIs (University of Novi Sad, Higher Education Technical School of Professional Studies in Novi Sad, University of Tuzla, University of Banja Luka, University of Tirana, EPOKA University) agreed on advancing on accreditation Plans of the master (module) program, equipment purchasing for MPs / Education Labs.

A detailed distribution of tasks/ Action plan for the next period was discussed at the end of the meeting.  

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