K‐FORCE training visit at LUND ‐ April 23 - May 5 and June 4-15 , 2018

A training visit was arranged at Lund University as part of the Special Mobility Strand (SMS) program of the K-FORCE project for staff members. The visit took place in the period April 23 - May 05 2018 (1 staff member) and 04-15th of June 2018 (3 staff members). The goal of the visit aimed at providing the trainees involved in the mobility with international experience on the education system and teaching methods at LU. The mobility was split among two divisions at Lund University, the division of risk management and societal safety (trainee 1 and 2) and the division of fire safety engineering (trainee 3 and 4).

The trainees and institutions involved in this mobility were:

  • Elona Pojani from University of Tirana, Albania (trainee 1)
  • Mirjana Laban from University of Novi Sad, Serbia (trainee 2)
  • Slobodan Supic from University of Novi Sad, Serbia (trainee 3)
  • Artemis Hasa from Epoka University, Albania (trainee 4)


The content of the training included the topics of :

  1. Contingency planning and uncertainty, sensitivity analysis and decision making for Trainee 1, 
  2. The ethics of safety for Trainee 2
  3. Human behaviour in fire and evacuation simulations for Trainees 3 and 4


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Also available in SRB/B&H and ALB



Also available in SRB/B&H and ALB