K-FORCE training visit at LUND – February 18th – March 1st, 2019

A training visit was arranged at Lund University as part of the K-FORCE project’s Special Mobility Strand (SMS) programme for staff members. The visit took place from the 18th of February until the 1st of March, 2019. The aim of the visit was to give the trainee international experience on the education system and teaching methods at LU.

The mobility was held within Division of Fire Safety Engineering at Lund University. The trainee involved in this mobility was Suzana Draganić, Teaching Assistant from University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

The training visit started with a welcome meeting organized by trainee supervisor Dr. Enrico Ronchi, Associate Professor at Division of Fire Safety Engineering and also K-FORCE WP2 leader. During this meeting, the trainee was introduced with formalities required for getting registered as visitor at the department, get access card to the office, internet access, etc. The agenda for the training was then presented and discussed. After the initial meeting, the trainee was guided to take the pictures needed for their guest access card to the campus.

The content of the training included the topics of Human Behaviour in Fire and evacuation simulations.


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Also available in SRB/B&H and ALB



Also available in SRB/B&H and ALB