K-FORCE training visit at UNIZA ‐ April-May, 2019

As part of the K-FORCE project activities, UNIZA (P10) organized a training visit for academic staff from the Western Balkan countries. This visit took place at the Faculty of Security Engineering, University of Zilina, Slovak Republic from May 6 – May 17, 2019. The primary focus was on gaining new and improving teaching and research skills.

The following staff from WBC higher education institutions were involved:

  1. Branko Savić from the Higher Education Technical School of Professional Studies in Novi Sad, Serbia (April 29 - May 10)
  2. Edisa Nukić from the University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina (May 6 - May 17)
  3. Senka Bajić from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia ( May 6 - May 17)

During the visit, the following activities were undertaken:

  • Introductory lecture by UNIZA
  • Series of fire modeling lectures
  • Guided project work
  • Final evaluation.

The visit began on 06.05. by a Kick-off meeting at which all attendees had a meeting with the UNIZA staff primarily involved in the training (Vladimir Mozer) and were given information and instructions on the schedule of the upcoming two weeks. In addition information about getting around Zilina, places of interest and other useful details were given to the trainees. In the afternoon an introductory class on fire modeling was delivered during which the trainees downloaded the necessary simulation software and a short walkthrough was given. During the class each of the attendees created a simple model as per the instructor’s guidance.

Subsequently, the training was as per the schedule above. On Tuesday (07.05.) the trainees received a day-long focused training session on fire modeling using a zone computer model CFAST. This lesson involved creation of a more complex model case based on which the trainees were given assignments for their project work in this subject. The first week ended with activities which involved different practical laboratory experiments.

The second week of training started with focused self-study and work on the fire model assignments which were consulted on an ad-hoc basis with the course lecturer – Vladimir Mozer (13.05. and 14.05). Consultations and reviews of models were held on Wednesday and Thursday (15.05. and 16.05.) with UNIZA staff members involved in the training.

The training visit ended on the Friday 17.05. with a final evaluation session where the trainees and the lecturers discussed the visit and if the objectives have been achieved. Following that, each of the trainees filled in an anonymous training evaluation form which have been collected and sent to the project coordinator. Also letters confirming the attendance were distributed to the attendees.

Overall the visit was received positively by both the trainees as well as the UNIZA staff involved, which was also confirmed by the positive feedback received through the evaluation forms.

All three trainees had a common program in the week May 6 - 10. Branko Savic came a week earlier and had individual training week before (April 29 - May 3) and In the week after (May 13 -17) Edisa Nukic and Senka Bajic  completed their training according to Agenda.


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Also available in SRB/B&H and ALB



Also available in SRB/B&H and ALB